The Accountability Squad

Where indecision and faff turn into action and implementation!

  • Created a brilliant plan and then failed miserably to follow it through?
  • Bought yet another course you STILL haven’t got to the end of?
  • Promised yourself you’re DEFINITELY going to get your arse in gear this time? And then got sidetracked. Again!

You don’t need more ideas. You already have bazillions. It’s time to take action!

You really don’t need …

  • More weekly videos that just make you feel guilty because you can’t keep up 
  • More potential strategies to confuse you about the right plan of action
  • More opportunities for comparisonitis and perfectionism

You will not gain:

  • No bells
  • No whistles
  • No fake scarcity
  • No squirrels to chase
  • No pretend deadlines
  • No crazy deals or desperate discounts
  • No massive promises that can’t be kept
Business planning and coaching

Accountability is:

  • A Facebook group post every Monday morning to ask you to commit to ONE business development action for that week
  • A personal nudge if you don’t commit to an action
  • Feedback from me when it’s needed, to help you think through the right steps, pre-empt the pitfalls or schedule enough time to get things done
  • A Friday check-in to hold you accountable or remind you to get things finished
  • An optional monthly group brainstorming call for those times you feel stuck and just need to talk something through to find clarity and get cracking
  • Consistent, supportive, focused accountability.
  • And nothing else!

What’s Your Commitment?

The cost is £25 per month.

And there’s no minimum term.

How could there be? This is no bells, whistles or dodgy deals remember!  😉

Are you ready to ditch the excuses and get cracking?