Strategy Sessions

Your 1 hour strategy call …

Imagine having a sounding board to help you see clearly which ideas are genius and which are utterly pants!

Somebody to bounce all those ideas off to help you gain clarity, certainty, and most importantly, a really clear first step.

Do you have a bazillion ideas about how to take your business forwards but no clarity about how to get started?

Do you drive yourself nuts by constantly second guessing yourself so you don’t take decisive action?

Are you frustrated by earning just enough money when you know you’re capable of so much better?

One hour with me will help you …

Declutter Your Ideas


Decide on a course of action

Plan your first few steps

All of this for £165 (incl VAT)

Ready to get started?

What you will get

A one-hour zoom call to discuss your business, your ideas and to create an action plan. The session will be recorded, so you don’t have to make notes or try and remember everything , just talk business!

What you won’t get

A sales pitch! This hour is all about you. Of course, if you want to know how I could help you more once the hour is over then we can talk about that after, but I won’t be using ANY TIME in your hour to sell at you! Promise!