How do you feel when a customer pays you late?

Does it leave you angry, irritated and feeling disrespected?

Do you feel upset that you need to chase this now and badger somebody who’s going to think you’re desperate or needy?

Or do you ditch the emotion and just crack on with your credit control process?

Late payers are one of my pet hates, and the source of huge anxiety for some of my clients, because often it’s such a waste of time, energy and emotion to chase these payments.

BUT … you can make things a lot easier and make your cashflow much more reliable by creating a very clear credit control process.

Which is exactly what I explained in my recent vlog, so please take 5 minutes now to listen to my tips to help you get paid faster and more consistently in the future.

So tell me … do you have late payers or have you eliminated them? And if you do have them how angry does it make you?

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