Do you ever listen to people talking about 10 year business goals and wonder how anybody can have a clue what their business will look like in 10 years?


Have you tried setting 3 or 5 year goals and just felt like it was a pointless exercise?


Well, do you know what?


More often than not it is!


Because soooooo much can change in that period.


As the last year has proven!


BUT, you have to have SOME goals otherwise how will you ever know you’re going in the right direction?


So my vlog this week shares my personal tips for 12 month goals that will feel current, relevant and realistic, underpinned aby 90 day action plans to keep you on track.

I don’t know about you but I’m a massive fan of keeping things simple in business so that’s what my vlog covers this week.


Let me know whether this approach fits with you!

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