What the heck is credit control anyway?

This is stuff other people do surely, not you or I??

Well no, credit control is exactly what you need to have in place in your business so that you know what to do the moment a customer is late paying their invoice.

It’s what you need to do to make sure the cash can keep flowing within your business.

Which, let’s face it, has probably never been more important than it is right now!

But chasing people can feel awkward, uncomfortable and slightly mean can’t it?

Well, the simple truth is that if you don’t chase then you give your customer the message that it’s OK to pay late – which it really isn’t!

So this week’s vlog gives you some really simple tips about how to make this less uncomfortable and far more organised.

How does this work for you at the moment – are you red hot with your late payers or do you feel awful about dealing with it so you try and avoid it like the plague?

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