We all know that Americans are fantastic at congratulating themselves and each other for their success. The Australians are always looking for an excuse to chill out & reflect on what they’re achieved.

If we’re honest though, don’t most Brits think that’s all just a bit crass? As a nation we’re brought up with a head down, soldier on, stiff upper lip attitude. Just look at the current trend for ‘Keep calm and …..’ slogans. All that slogan says is ‘life’s supposed to be difficult but that’s OK because we’re British so we can handle it’. Enough!

I have news for you. It’s OK to recognize your success. In fact, in my opinion,  it should be mandatory in business! You should enjoy your business and if you never pause to reflect on how far you’ve come or what you’ve achieved then you’re a lot less likely to enjoy what you do. And that’s a waste! It also has the potential to really damage your business in the long term because the best way to ensure your future business success is to take the time to regularly recognize your achievements so far. Reflect on them, enjoy them, celebrate them but even more importantly learn from them so you can keep repeating the successes.

If this is something which doesn’t come naturally to you then here are a few practical tips to get you started:

1)     Goals and rewards: always have clear, written goals in place – both short, medium and long term and have a specific reward attached to each goal. The rewards don’t have to be huge, it might be something small such as allowing yourself an hour out to go to the gym or booking dinner with your other half. But it’s crucial that you follow through with the rewards. Never achieve a goal and let it pass without rewarding yourself – and your team if relevant.

2)     Create a routine to recognise success: block out a few minutes in your diary at the same time every week to review your achievements for the week. Ask yourself these questions: What has gone well this week? What was the biggest ‘win’ for myself and my business this week? What have I learnt this week that I can use to move my business forwards? Make this activity mandatory each week and don’t stop until you’ve come up with an answer to all three questions. This may seem trivial and is the easiest task to push to one side when things are busy but don’t underestimate the power of this process. Making this a habit will generate significant momentum in your business.

3)    Reset your attitude: Few people feel positive 100% of the time and that’s OK as long as it doesn’t become a habit. Learn to take stock of your attitude regularly and recognize the times when you’re focusing unnecessarily on the ‘what if’s. Whenever you’re worrying about your business or feeling stressed or de-motivated take one minute out of your day and ask yourself these questions: What am I thinking? What am I feeling? What am I doing? Then ask yourself: What should I be thinking? What should I be feeling? What should I be doing? I know this sounds simple (and I dare say to a few of you sounds a little ridiculous!) but you’ll be amazed at how quickly this exercise will help you re-focus and become instantly more productive. Try it!

4) Promote your success: sharing the successes of your business is a great marketing strategy. Do it on your website, in your brochures, through your social media etc.  Customers & prospects love to hear positive news about people you’ve helped. That kind of good news is contagious. It will make yourself, your team and your customers happier. What’s not to love?

So in conclusion, if you want to be more successful take the plunge & try being just a little less British!

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