Hands up who loves working on the numbers in your business?

Spreadsheets and balance sheets – woohoo!


Bane of your life?

Stuff you constantly shy away from and leave until the last possible moment to deal with?!?

OK, let’s be honest, most people do NOT love the accounting bits of their business. It’s easy to feel out of your depth and a bit overwhelmed by it all isn’t it?

Which is why last week’s vlog explains exactly how to work out one of the most important figures in your business – your monthly break even figure.


This is what it actually costs to run your business every month. Not what you THINK it costs. What it rrrrreally costs!

Because knowing this number will help you make sure that you can decent salary from your business ever single month without fail.

And it will help you make informed decisions about what to spend and what to cut to help you grow.

Do you love getting to grips with the numbers in your business?

Or are you continually bamboozled by it all?

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