How often do you get side-tracked by new ideas?
Or tempted to do something different because your competitors are telling you what an absolute doddle it is to make wads of cash doing things their way?
So many people will tell you that you’re guaranteed to succeed if you do exactly what they have done.
But the truth is that you’re not them.
And they probably don’t even know you or understand what you’re brilliant at.
Or what you’re crap at!!
It can be a real challenge to stick to your guns, stay focused, resist the noise and build your business your way.
But clarity and strategy are what lead to success.
Not tangents and shiny things!
Which is why this recent tips video shared lots of great ideas to help you stick to YOUR plans and achieve YOUR goals!
What do you think – are you good at sticking to your plans? Or are you more easily distracted than a puppy in a forest??

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