Do you ever get frustrated by forgetful customers?

You KNOW you’ve told them what happens next but they still can’t remember!

You definitely clarified the payment dates so why haven’t they sorted it?

And they decided NOT to opt for your upgrade, you most definitely did NOT say you’d just throw that in!!

I often help my clients deal with situations like these and almost every time it highlights some missing info in their business.

A PDF or checklist, or a standardised email whenever they sign up a new client can stop all of this from happening.

But so often people don’t have time to write the documents that will save them loaaaaads of time once it’s done!

Which is why this vlog explains how you can save yourself a ton of time by creating a simple set of documents you use forever.

Happy days!

How about you and those forgetful customers? Do you find yourself explaining things again and again or are your customers always on the ball?

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