Are you the bottleneck in your business?
Do you constantly wish you could get ‘decent staff’ who you could trust to care about things as much as you do?
Or are you a bit of a control freak who doesn’t think anyone can ever do things as well as you?
The challenge with keeping control of absolutely everything is that you reach your capacity really quickly.
And that creates a mahoosive limitation on your business.
So understanding how to trust your team and support them to take on more responsibility is a massive factor in whether you can grow your business or not.
Here’s a speedy video that gives you some tips on how to empower your team so you free yourself up to work on the things that only you can do – things like strategy, growth plans, and price rises!!
So tell me … do you trust people to take care of things for you in your business or are you hanging onto everything like a white-knuckle ride??

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