I was talking with a recent group of planners at one of my Planning Workshops about the perils of marketing.


And the feeling that you having to be constantly learning and innovating.


Which often feels impossible when you’re already juggling 86 bazillion other balls to keep your business growing doesn’t it?


I think that marketing, and keeping up with all the latest trends can be hugely overwhelming.


BUT it doesn’t have to be like that.


Because the truth is that, no matter what new software or apps or platforms arrive, the fundamental principle of marketing never actually change.


And vey often the way to simplify things is to go right back to basics.


Because when you get the basics right, all the new sparkly, shiny bells and whistles really don’t matter so much.


So have a nosy at this week’s 5 minute video that takes you back to focusing on exactky who you want to work with.

It explains how getting to really know those people will make the rest of your marketing job soooooo much simpler!


Let me know what you think after you’ve watched it

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