Have you ever pinned down the questions that weigh your prospects down while they’re trying to make the decision about whether to work with you or not?

Because if you can answer those questions you’ll help your prospects make much faster and clearer decisions.

And you’ll attract more customers. And what’s not to love about that??

Which is why this vlog focuses on the awkward question of how long you should expect to work with a Business Coach. (In truth the answer is “as long as it keeps working and helping you generate better results” which is a bit vague isn’t it?

But  the vlog adds context and perspective to help you work through that question for yourself.

So let’s throw myself to the lions here … I’d love to hear what your own thoughts / perceptions are about how long someone should expect or plan to work with a business coach?

3 months?

3 years?

3 lifetimes?

Or somewhere in between??

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