I’m a firm believer that your business is there to serve you and to help you create the life and lifestyle that you truly want to.


Rather than it being something that takes over your life completely and leaves you feeling trapped, obligated or just plain frustrated.


It’s surprisingly easy though to find that your business hasn’t really taken the direction that you’d planned for it.


Maybe you’re working with customers who aren’t really your kind of people.


Or delivering a service that you don’t really enjoy because people have asked you for it.


It doesn’t have to be that way though!


You’re fully entitled to choose who you want to work with and exactly what kind of products and services you’re going to deliver.


And then build a plan to make that happen.


And this week’s vlog shares some ideas about how you can make a start on that.

So if you keep attracting arsey customers or keep getting dragged back to deliver products you hate, this video is for you!

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