Do you ever get the feeling that your business is nothing but fire-fighting?
As though you’re in that constant place of “once this is sorted I’ll DEFINITELY be able to take a breath” and then the next thing hits? And the next and the next!
The last few weeks for me have probably been some of the most distracting ever in my business. And the frustration levels have been higher than a Chinese weather balloon wafting over American airspace (oops getting dangerously close to politics there!!)
The challenge in managing things that steal your time and attention is that they can become all consuming. And when you have no time to think or to plan it can all very quickly start to feel stressful and out of control.
Which is why this vlog shares one irritatingly straightforward tip for how to manage and then ditch firefighting once and for all.
How about you though – are you great at keeping everything calm and well-planned or do your weeks have a bit of a life of their own?

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