Have you ever found yourself doing something in your business and wondering why you’re bothering?

Have you had one of those moments when you realised that you’ve found yourself delivering products and services that you don’t really love as much as you thought you did?

There’s no question that building a business takes a mahoosive amount of energy and dedication and focus.

But that just becomes harder if you find yourself doing things that don’t float your boat, aren’t your sweet spot and actually just drain you.

It’s rarely an easy decision to stop doing something that’s making you money but sometimes that’s exactly what you need to do if you’re going to tap into the things that truly light your fire

Which is why this week’s video shares stories o some of my own clients who’ve faced this quandary and the huge shifts that they’ve seen once they’ve taken that leap.

Plus some tips and ideas on how you can focus more yourself on the things that really motivate you and find better ways to handle the things that don’t

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