Have you ever had one of those situations where you’ve spent what feels like hours & hours of your time talking to a potential customer. You’ve helped them, advised them, given them some tips, talked about your service, sent them a lovely proposal.

And then they lose interest.

And you feel like a total mug!

Or how about all those times in the dim and distant pre-lockdown past when you’d go and meet a great prospect for coffee only to find out that they wanted to pitch to you.

What a waste of your time!

It’s incredibly easy to spend huge amounts of time on things that MIGHT turn into business, but never actually do.

But it destroys your productivity and often leaves you feeling really frustrated.

Which is why my vlog last week talked about the red herrings to watch out for and how you can better manage them so that you’re valuing your time and getting the most from it.


How about you … are you really good at limiting the time you spend on speculative things or do you find yourself trapped down a rabbit hole all too often?

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