How good are you at telling people how much it costs to work with you?

Or even at explaining exactly how they can work with you and what you offer?

This is such a key moment for your potential customers but that only adds to the discomfort of talking about money doesn’t it?

Because how many times have we all been told that we shouldn’t talk about money???

But being able to explain very clearly and simply what you do is sooo important.

Almost as important as sounding totally confident when you tell people how much it costs.

Because if you can’t explain how you’ll help someone; or if you sound uncertain about your price then a prospect is likely to be uncertain about working with you.

Whereas confidence and clarity about your packages and prices will mahoosively increase your potential customers confidence in buying from you.

Sooo … are you really clear about your packages and prices? Or are you winging it every time??

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