Is it feeling as though staying positive and focused is getting harder and harder as the year goes on?

Are you normally the one who keeps everyone else positive and upbeat?

But you’re feeling as though your mojo is flagging and your focus is failing right now?

It has been a TOUGH old year hasn’t it!

And that means that I’m talking to LOTS of people who are really struggling with their energy levels at the moment and just not feeling like themselves.

The first thing to bear in mind is that this is totally normal right now.

I’d hazard a guess that you’ve taken very little time off all year and you’re probably failrly knackered.

Which is why I wanted to share some tips this week to help you refocus your energy, rediscover your mojo and remind yourself of some of the positives that are possibly passing you by at the moment.

So have a nosy and let me know whether this is helpful for you right now.


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