Have you ever had one of those awful experiences of being on the receiving end of a really unpleasant ‘hard sell’?


You know those times where you’re cringing, backing away, trying to shrink and desperate to get away from a slimy salesperson.




It’s amazing how long those experiences stick in the memory isn’t it?


Because the genuinely make you feel pressured & uncomfortable.


And often we then associate those feelings with selling. Which often results in backing away from the selling side of your own business because who ever wants to make their own customers feel like that?


Not me, that’s for sure!


BUT … if you’re in business you HAVE to generate sales or you won’t have a business at all.


So how do you do I in a way that feels natural, pressure-free & welcoming?


Have a nosy at this week’s video for 3 really simple tips to help you with this.




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