In the first couple of years of my business (back in the 1400s or so!) I built my business by cold calling. And I was surprisingly good at it. People are actually much nicer and more tolerant than you may think, so the non-stop abuse you presume a telemarketer receives is remarkably rare.

But none of that means I enjoyed it! So I set myself a challenge to get good enough at generating leads through networking so that I wouldn’t need to keep cold calling. And I did it.

Although I definitely didn’t do it overnight. Fancy that – no codswallop overnight success story!

I often get asked whether it’s really worth my time though. How can it make sense to spend 2 hours talking to 15 people when you could spend 15 minutes online and talk to 2000 people?

And how can you guarantee results so you can track a solid Return on Investment?

Well let’s talk honestly – as this is a no bull**** zone! There are no guarantees. It does take work. And patience (of a saint sometimes!) But the benefits are massive.

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