I’ve come up with a new idea! 😲

I get so frustrated by all the talk of August being such a bad month for business that I decided to create something to make sure that isn’t true.

So ladies and gentlemen I give you … All In For August!

4 weeks of support, advice, encouragement and arse-kicking so that you can use August to ramp up your business, not watch it slip backwards!

My video explains what’s included but in a nutshell I want to give you the chance to focus on one big project in August and absolutely nail it.

What I’m offering is:

4 weeks of support to run through August (you won’t miss out if you’re going on holiday, we’d just extend it)

A weekly coaching call to help you define the exact actions you’re going to commit to each week

An accountability check-in every Monday and Friday to get you focused and keep you on track

Daily support, sounding board, voice-of-reason, and whip-cracking via WhatsApp

All for a one off all-in price of £495

I don’t know about you but I feel dead excited about this!

Have a nosy at my video to find out more, and send me a DM if you’d like to get cracking!

What do you think … are you ready to go all in for August?

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