Have you ever sat down and thought about what your new potential customers would really love to know about you?


I don’t mean whether you’re a tea or coffee, cat or dog person.


Even though that’s very insightful information of course!


But the truth is that customers like to do a lot of digging around and find out about us, and about things like the way we work, the services we offer and the prices we charge.


So it’s important that we’re open and transparent about information like that so we can build our trust and credibility and attract more potential customers to get in touch with us.


But the best things is that we don’t have to write war and peace articles or create fancy schmancy presentations about this.


We can simply brainstorm all of our potential customers hottest questions and then use that to share all of the juicy answers on our websites, in our social media content or in a lovely FAQ document.


That’s just one of the ways that focusing on great questions can really help you in your business.


If you want to know the other brilliant use of a bank of questions then have a nosy at this week’s video and let me know what you think


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