Do you think you’re grrrreat at sales?

Or does it give you the complete heebie jeebies so you try and avoid it at all costs?

Do you also have those awkward moments with potential customers when you think they’re really interested but you’re not quite sure and you just don’t know how to help them make a final decision?

This is often down to not having a clear enough process that will keep you on the straight and narrow.

Now I know that a process, and especially a sales process sounds like it could be classic sleazy sales stuff.

But I promise it isn’t.

It’s actually about working out how to present you and your business in the best light every single time.

And how to remove all the uncertainty about what to do next, whether to follow up, how to follow up or whether to hide under a big rock instead!

My vlog this week explains sales processes in a really clear, simple way to hopefully help you take away the fear and uncertainty.

So, enjoy the video, and Id love to hear what you think about my tips this week.

One reason that I know people struggle to shout about themselves enough to their potential customers is because you often haven’t clarified exactly what value you add to your customer. It’s so common to massively underestimate your own impact and take for granted the huge differences you make to your customers.

But once you have clarity on this it becomes sooooo much easier to ask your potential new customers to come and work with you.

Which is why I’ve written a free guide: How To Understand Your Value

The guide takes you through a series of steps and questions to help you unearth everything that’s fantastic about you so that you can change the conversations you have with potential customers and focus on value rather than price.


You can download it right here

And of course you’re very welcome to share both this week’s vlog and the free guide with anyone else who you think this could help.

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