Are you someone who loves structure and organisation in your business?


Or do you thrive on freedom, flexibility and creativity, so you fight against the idea of being too structured?


What I’ve found over the years is that many people started a business because they hated the rigidity of working for somebody else, so they don’t like the idea of being too structured within their business.


They think it means restriction, control and limitations.


And who wants any of that!


Whereas, finding the way to use just the right amount of structure in your business can actually be really liberating.


By planning in the key things each week you can make sure you get the most important things done without having to constantly worry about them or try and remember to do them.


So you don’t get to the end of the week with one of those oh ***** moments when you realise you’ve forgotten something huge!


Have a nosy at this week’s vlog tips for a little added inspiration on this topic.

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