Do you have great people to help you build your business?

Or do you find yourself regularly wishing that you had more help, because there are just never enough hours in the day, but not being sure where to start?

I think the dilemma of needing more support but not having the time or clarity to find it is one of the trickiest parts of growing a business.

Because, chances are it’s not one person you need. It’s probably a team. Somebody with epic admin skills to keep all the balls in the air, somebody techie to do all those constant website or social media updates. Somebody marketingy (that’s today’s new word!) to help you market yourself effectively rather than feeling as though you’re winging it!

But where do you start and how do you find the right person?

Well, this week’s vlog walks you through a really straightforward process to help you map out exactly what support will have the biggest impact for you, and then create a sequence for which other support you’ll need further down the line.

So you’ll end up with a big juicy plan!

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