Do you ever have those moment when you’re talking to the most amazing prospects who you feel are a great fit for you …

And you know you can definitely help them. You even like them as people (bonus!)

But you can tell SOMETHING just isn’t clicking!

They’re just not getting it and you can’t for the life of you work out why.

You’re second guessing yourself, wondering if you’ve missed something or fluffed something.

Well the truth is that it’s probably nothing to do with you at all!

It’s all about the 3 layers of trust. And 2 of the 3 layers of trust relate to them, not you!

Wondering what the hootenanny I’m talking about? Then have a nosy at my vlog to learn all about the 3 layers of trust & how to use them to persuade people to buy from you much more easily.

Happy days!  

How about you? Are you really comfortable talking to prospects about your products / services or does it always feel awkward?

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