Do you hear or read constantly about ‘defining your ideal client’ or being ‘super specific about your avatar’ and wonder how on earth you can apply that to your own business?

Or do you keep making a start on this but still feel like you’re not really making it work?

For me, there’s no question that this is hugely important in helping you to appeal to and resonate with the right people for you.

But I also appreciate that it can feel confusing or limiting and that it’s rarely as easy to do like all the people talking about it would have you believe!

So, today I wanted to share some of the reasons why this IS so important, and more importantly, the reasons why getting clear about your ideal client WON’T restrict you to only being able to work with a minuscule portion of the marketplace.

So have a nosy at the video here and I would love to hear back from you how you currently make this work for you



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