Do you ever get the feeling that it’s impossible to switch off?

That you have to be at your customer’s beck and call constantly?

But the problem is that when your business runs like that it can be exhausting can’t it?

And yet the irony is that as customers we’re generally happy to wait. Not for days and days obviously, but we don’t expect people to reply in the evening or to jump at every request.

So why do we make those demands of ourselves in our businesses?

There are some simple steps we can take to redefine our boundaries and then to help our customers to understand those boundaries and manage their requests so that we can have a life as well as a business!

And that’s exactly what I explain in this week’s vlog.

So if you feel as though your business and your customers are just too needy, have a watch and let me know what resonates with you out of my tips.

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