How do you feel about setting really solid boundaries with your clients?
Do you love the certainty of it and find it easy to clarify those lines?
Or do you feel as though it’s all too rigid and disciplined and don’t want to have to work in that bossy way with people?
When you’re somebody who works hard, naturally respects others, and enjoys working in partnership it’s easy to think that you don’t need (or shouldn’t need) rigid boundaries.
Until you realise you have customers messaging you at all hours, that you’re constantly doing more than you’re being paid for and somehow feel less and less appreciated.
The thing is … boundaries aren’t about being bossy or rigid. They’re about clarity, mutual respect, and certainty for everyone.
But there can be a mahoosive chasm between knowing you needed clearer boundaries and cracking on and setting them can’t there?
Which is exactly why my recent video sharing 5 key tips to setting clearer boundaries comes in.
Have a nosy and see what simple changes you could make to help improve your understanding with customers.
But first let me know … are you naturally good at setting boundaries or do you constantly mean to do it but forever stick it on the back-burner?
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