Are you a shining beacon of organisation?

Or are you like most people in business who would love to feel more organised but are too busy dealing with all the day to day challenges so they never have time to sort things out? Have you tried to put lots of things in place, like systems and templates but you quickly get frustrated with them and feel as though they’re just creating extra work so you give up after a few days or weeks?

Then I have good news for you!

There’s a fair chance your quest for seamless organisation has led you into a trap that snares many. And that’s the trap of trying to overhaul every element of your organisation in one go. New to do lists, new reminder systems, new follow up systems, a new filing structure, a different way of handling your emails, new daily routines and so on and so on and so on.

The reason this is almost certain to fail is that we’re creatures of habit, and changing any habit is slow and often uncomfortable. So when you try and change a  number of habits all at once you’re pretty much guaranteed to feel overwhelmed very quickly.

A much better strategy is to choose one thing to change at a time and focus on that until it feels easy and natural. Only once you’ve mastered that should you move on to the next change.

This might feel frustrating because you want to see much faster progress but think of it this way: if you changed one element of your organisation each month and stuck to it, then you’d have 12 new habits or  systems in place in your business within a year. That’s pretty good progress! Whereas you could try and change all 12 things straight away and have an amazing couple of weeks rapidly followed by a meltdown, a tantrum, and a reversion to right back where you started!

So, if you’re feeling disorganised, overwhelmed or bogged down why not cut yourself some slack and just focus on changing one small thing at a time?

You’ll be amazed at how big a difference those small, sustained changes can have!

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